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International Exclusive Shipping to/from Bolivia

Moving your antique and artwork goods to another country, you'll want to relocate your special belongings reasonably and safely. You will get here the required information on price and service to transport your antiques with special care. You may begin with browsing through the customs regulations, necessary documentation and rates on transporting unique goods to Bolivia.

Ship your antique and artworks to cities in Bolivia: Cochabamba, El Alto, La Paz, Oruro, Santa Cruz.

Exclusive Import Requirements in Bolivia
Documents Required: 1) Commercial invoice from purveyor; 2) List with titles of work of arts; 3) Export permit from country of origin; 4) B/L or AWB; 5) Insurance Policy.

Customs Prescriptions:
- Subject to payment of duties of approx. 32% over CIF Value for private and personal shipments. If included in household goods shipment, list of titles only should be declared.
- Duty-free for diplomatic shipments.

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Exclusive Shipping Rates to Bolivia
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