How to Ship Antique Firearms

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How to Ship Antique Firearms
It is not easy to ship antique firearms as this process takes some planning and research. There are many details to consider before shipping. First of all you need to learn how to package the item properly that will prevent firearms from damage during moving. It is also important to learn what shipping companies you can use to ship firearms to your sellers as not all parcel carriers allow firearms to be shipped using their service. Learn how to overcome both of these hurdles.

The main thing that should be learnt is packing as your antique firearms should be packed properly. You need a sturdy box that is large enough for the gun to lay flat on the bottom without rubbing against the sides. But there is no need of very big box. This is because it may cause the weapon to rattle around in the box during shipping and increase the chances that it will be damaged.

Padding the box is necessary as it will protect your antique gun from any shocks. Then make sure that the box is sealed completely. And for this task you have to use a sturdy tape to wrap the circumference of the box in all three directions: first around the circumference of its length, then around the circumference of its width and finally around the circumference of its height. The final task is to make sure that the box does not have any markings on it that indicates that there is a weapon inside.

Having your antique firearms boxed properly, it’s time to find a carrier. You have to make a list of all shipping companies and choose the right for you. The shipping company must meet your requirements. They will ask you to prove that you are a licensed seller of firearms and that your shipment doesn’t violate any federal, state or local laws. So, if you are agree with the shipping company you have chosen, then confide in them and be sure to meet your antique firearms at the needed destination.