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Shipping Antique Furniture
People value and take care of antiques as such things hold a special place in their lives. That’s why, deciding to ship them you have to pay attention to many details and make the process of transportation very safe.

The following are tips that will help you when sipping your antiques:
1) The first thing you have to do is to have the piece appraised. It is needed for insurance coverage and possible damage claims.
2) Photograph the furniture in question from all angles and this will help when filing claims for damages that may happen in transit.
3) Secure all loose shelves or interior pieces and let the movers know about them. Don’t forget to inform them of delicate areas or pieces of the furniture.
4) It is important to empty out the furniture as extra weight and items may damage the furniture during transport.
5) You should avoid taping drawers and doors shut and don’t use tape to secure other parts of the furniture. This is because this can ruin the finish. It is advisable to shrink wrap the furniture or use string or a rubber bungee to secure loose objects or remove the components all together.
6) Moving blankets and some protective wrap are a must for long transport in the back of a box truck. It may be offered by smaller carriers more personal attention to the furniture, but for optimal protection without crating, the piece should be wrapped.
7) Having extremely valuable piece, you have to ornate, crate or box it. You can leave this for moving companies as they provide the needed service.

There are many things to consider before shipping and you have to pay attention to all of them. Think over the type of wood when shipping, as temperature extremes and moisture might damage certain wood pieces. You should also ask your antique dealer or shipping company for advice about shipping and storing wood pieces. Follow these tips and you will move your antiques safe to the needed destination.