Packing Artwork for Shipping

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Packing Artwork for Shipping

If you have artworks and want to send them to buyers or mail a print to a loved one, of course, you'll want to ensure that your artistic treasures are packed properly for shipping and they will be protected from any damage during the process of transportation. However, you can easily ship carefully packaged artwork. All depends on you and all you have to do is to take care to prep the piece before shipping, and then it will arrive in great condition to the needed destination.

Think over the following tips to make the preparations in a right way:
1) the size and materials of the arwork;
2) distance of the move;
3) who will transport and how will they do it;
4) the value of the piece.

Packing Unframed Paintings and Prints
1) Choose the shipping company and contact it. Such company carries specialty boxes called mirror boxes or strong boxes.
2) Try not to touch the actual work as oils on your skin can alter the paper. You may use tissue paper or photography gloves.
3) Then wrap the piece in tissue paper, acid free if possible. You also may wrap the artwork with plastic for additional protection against moisture.
4) You need to fold four pieces of paper into triangles with one side open, and then place the triangles on each corner of the work. It is needed for securing the piece to a strong backing material.
5) Taping only on the paper corners you just made, mount your wrapped piece to the backing material of your choice. It is also recommended to take sturdy cardboard or foamcore.
6) Try to place a few layers of cardboard on both sides of the newly secured piece and tape these pieces together.
7) The final step of the packaging is the outside cover. You should take two pieces of corrugated cardboard, place the piece in between them and securely tape all sides. If you want more protection, then you can use a mirror box.
8) Using a bold marker, stamp or label, mark the package with the warning, "DO NOT BEND". Post this message on both sides of the package.

Packing Framed Artwork
1) You have to find a box that fit the piece or create. Ensure 3 inches of spaces is available on all sides of the frame.
2) In order to protect the artwork from the bubble wrap, wrap the piece with tissue paper or fabric. 3) Try to place a layer of packing peanuts, foam or your packaging material of choice in the box, creating a layer to rest the frame on.
3) It is advisable to pack all open areas surrounding the piece with packing material. Remember, the more snug the fit, the less the potential for damage.

In any case, don’t forget to properly insure the piece if necessary and to clearly mark the box as fragile.