Packing Fragile Items

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Packing Fragile Items

It is very important to pack fragile items carefully not to damage them before shipping as they are very brittle. This process can be tedious, but protecting your valuables is worth the time. Just follow some easy steps that are useful when packing any fragile or delicate item, such as china, glass, or crystal pieces.

Supplies needed:
    - Small boxes
    - Packaging peanuts
    - Bubble wrap
    - Blank newsprint
    - Tape

All items must be packed properly as artwork, antiques, glassware and other delicate items have sentimental and monetary value for the sender and receiver. Improper packaging is the reason for the most damage during transport.

It is not difficult to pack artwork or construct the box by yourself. It is easy to find all the needed materials. Moreover, special made strong boxes are available, though costly. In any case you can ask the shipping company to pack all your items.

If you want to ship glassware and other delicate objects, then remember that wrapping and properly packaging techniques ensure safe delivery and a happy recipient.

Choosing the right special care transporter is as important as how you prepare and package the piece. It’s important with furniture to provide ample time for shipment preparations and the actual shipment, as well as thoroughly communicating with your service provider needs of the antique.

The following are useful packing recommendations:
   1. You should begin by preparing a small box by taping the bottom and adding a layer of packaging peanuts.
   2. Wrap the surface of the item in blank newsprint to protect the finish. This is needed in case the surface of the item is painted.
   3. Wrap the item in bubble wrap and seal with tape.
   4. When the items are paced in the box, fill empty space with packaging peanuts.
   5. Once the box is well packed, not overstuffed, tape it shut and label it “FRAGILE” on the top and side.