Crating of Your Valuables

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Crating of Your Valuables

Knowing that your collectible thing will be shipped with the safety and security will glad every owner. That’s why, it is necessary to pack all your items properly to prevent any damage. When shipping, the focus is always on crating and packing. Thus the crates must be built by skilled craftspeople. Each crate should be individually designed and constructed with the safety of the object in mind.

The crating and packing methods of your shipping company must be of the highest quality, utilizing the most advanced methods and materials - appropriate for both the object and the client requirements. The following are crates that you may use when loading your antiques.

Domestic One-Way Crates
Domestic one-way crate is designed with the safety of the work in mind while being balanced with the highest level of economy. And each object is assessed individually and then custom packed into a no-frills container constructed of 3/8" plywood and pine battens, suitable for the safe domestic one-way shipment of many works.

Standard Crates
Standard crates are suitable for re-use and designed for maximum safety, strength and durability of construction. The shells of these crates are constructed of 3/8" pine with 1x6 pine battens, 2x4 forklift skids, wooden handles and screw-top lids. The crate interiors are lined with 1" or 2" gray museum foam (polyrurethane)which is hot glued to the inside walls of the crate.

Museum Travel Crates
This crate is designed for multiple or single works. It features double-sided 3/8" waterproof MDO, full 1x6 batten construction, bolt plate closures, gasket-sealed lids, handles, and 2x4 forklift skids. You may also elect to have your crate custom painted or coated with a water-based varnished for additional waterproofing. It is designed for ease in repacking and with maximum safety and security in mind.

Skeletal Crates
These crates are designed to protect artwork during transport or storage in the most basic container, this crate is often selected for an object with an unusual shape, dimension or weight. They are constructed with a pallet bottom and dimensional lumber on the sides and top, with additional bracing as needed.

Travel Frames
This type of frame is required when the especially fragile surface or extreme high-value of a work precludes any kind of wrappng material come in contact with the face of the object. The face of the travel frame is protected with coroplast, cardboard, or virgin polyethelyne plastic.