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Wrapping for Your Antiques

Preparing your valuables for shipping, you should think over all the details to safe your items from damage. Thus, wrapping is very important. Each item should be blanket wrapped and transported in air-ride suspension trucks. Your shipping company must provide wrapping services to protect your valuables throughout the move overseas or long term storage.

Properly Wrapped
It is necessary to wrap all items with cushioned padding and bubble wrap. Cushioned padding should be specially designed so that after your piece of furniture is properly wrapped the plastic bubble wrap is located on the outside and a very soft non abrasive paper is on the inside.

Properly Boxed
You should use the highest quality packing material that is specifically designed for moving internationally. The cardboard cartons are strong and durable with two wall/ply thick.

Properly Crated
In order to protect your fine art, antiques, furniture, pianos, motorcycles and any valuables of unusual size or delicate, breakable objects, custom crating services are available.

The quality and selection of wrapping material should be designed to eliminate any condensation that may occur due to a temperature change inside the shipping container. Your furniture and personal effects must be protected so they will not be damaged, moldy, or discolored while they are in transit to your final destination overseas.

Bubble Packaging
For protecting your antiques you may use bubble packaging. This is an extremely lightweight, durable packaging material that works well for wrapping items as well as filling the void in boxes. It absorbs shock to keep your fragile items safe. Moreover, its light weight also reduces shipping expenses.

Bubble packages vary in bubble size and barrier properties. It is advisable to use bubble packaging with small bubbles for small light items. If you have large and heavy items, then you should use larger bubbles. However, the most economical bubble packaging has relatively weak barriers, which means the air will leak out over a shorter period of time.